The sample policy sets out a timeline of when training should occur in the workplace regarding the policy and sexual harassment in the workplace.

For managers and those who are administering the policy, training will happen within the first week of hire and then once a year going forward. 

The same training schedule is set for staff who are not covered under managers or admin. 

These training sessions should happen separately. 

The training for management and admin will set out:

  • Their obligations;
  • Where to find the relevant forms and templates;
  • How to conduct an investigation; and
  • How to complete an investigation report.

The training for staff will set out: 

  • What conduct is prohibited;
  • What to do if the policy is breached;
  • Who to reach out to if the policy is breached;
  • Who to report to, or ask questions of; and
  • How to find a copy of the policy.

The sample policy also sets out a three year timeline for review of the policy. You may wish to create a stricter timeline. 

IMPORTANT: Legislation and regulations change. Therefore, it’s important that you review the policy to ensure it meets the minimum legal requirements in Nova Scotia. You may wish to consult an employment lawyer when reviewing your policy. 

Modelling behaviour that shows that sexual harassment is not tolerated in the workplace is the most important step to eliminating and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. The email templates and communication best practices available in the Toolkit are helpful resources, providing supportive and encouraging language to remind employees that everyone has a role to play in preventing sexual harassment at work.

The Toolkit also provides a risk assessment template to assess your workplace environment and identify areas where sexual harassment may be likely to occur. 

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