Reminder: The information provided in the Employer Toolkit and in this training are suggested best practices, and are not intended to provide legal advice. If you are uncertain at any point, please check with a lawyer on whether this information is appropriate for your organization. 

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) has comprehensive resources to help employers provide workplaces that focus on the prevention of sexual harassment.

LISNS offers free  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bystander Training.  Considered a critical part of a prevention strategy, The Bystander Training addresses acceptable standards of workplace conduct and offers a certificate of completion for their employee file.  This training has received positive feedback from members of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and is being used as part of formal training for members of the NS Trucking Sector through the NS Trucking Safety Association. 

In addition to the Bystander Training, we’ve developed cultural awareness videos that assist you in your respectful communications with your employees by developing a foundation for cultural competency. 

Access to up to 4 hours of free legal advice and information for those impacted by sexual harassment, through our lawyer referral service.

Employees who are facing, or have faced workplace sexual harassment in Nova Scotia, can receive up to four hours of free legal advice by contacting 1-800-407-3600, or email [email protected].

LISNS has also developed the Safe at Work app (web app and downloadable in the Apple App Store under “Safe Spaces Nova Scotia”). Safe at Work is designed for those who’ve experienced or are providing support to those affected by workplace sexual harassment. 

The Safe at Work app includes:

  • LISNS’ Bystander Training;
  • Access to ‘Healing with the Seven Sacred Teachings,’ a colouring book encouraging healing through the Mi’kmaq Seven Sacred Teachings;
  • A space to anonymously share your story or experiences in confidence;

More information is available at frequently asked questions and below: