The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) provides a number resources for all Nova Scotians, including resources on sexual harassment

As a part of our resources on our Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Project, we’ve developed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bystander Training which is a valuable piece of this workplaces toolkit in promoting safer and positive workspaces.

In addition to the Bystander Training, we’ve developed cultural awareness videos that assist you in your respectful communications with your employees by developing a foundation for cultural competency. 

LISNS has also developed the Safe at Work app (web app and downloadable in the Apple App Store under “Safe Spaces Nova Scotia”). Safe at Work is designed for those who’ve experienced, or are providing support to those affected by workplace sexual harassment. 

If you are facing, or have faced workplace sexual harassment in Nova Scotia, you can receive up to four hours of free legal advice to help you decide how to handle it, through LISNS. 

To inquire about this program, please leave a message at 1-800-407-3600, or email [email protected]

You can also find frequently asked questions at the following link.

You can find further helpful resources at the links below. Please share this information with your employees: