We have provided a sample Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy in this toolkit which you can choose to use, or expand on if necessary. We created this policy with the focus on ease of implementation for small employers. The policy is written with plain, easy-to-understand language so everyone can understand the policy. 


Confidentiality is an important part of a Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Policy. Employees need to feel comfortable and confident that they can go to a manager and report incidents of sexual harassment knowing this information will not be shared with other employees. Additionally, the accused needs to be confident that the information will not be shared with others in the workplace.  

There are always limits to confidentiality. The sample policy sets out situations where confidentiality may need to be broken. 

The Employer Best Practices Toolkit provides you a sample Confidentiality Agreement that you can provide to participants involved in any investigation. This ensures that all parties are aware of their responsibility to maintain confidentiality in regards to this process. 

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