Investigation Report

Reminder: The information provided in the Employer Toolkit and in this training are suggested best practices, and are not intended to provide legal advice. If you are uncertain at any point, please check with a lawyer on whether this information is appropriate for your organization. 

There is also a sample investigation report, which provides an example of what a completed form will look like. 

The investigation report will include: 

  1. an overview of the allegations; 
  2. a summary of the persons interviewed and any relevant evidence; 
  3. identification of witnesses only by letter or number to protect confidentiality; 
  4. a summary of the findings of fact based on the evidence gathered; 
  5. a finding of whether the allegations of sexual harassment occurred; and
  6. recommendations on any remedy or discipline as appropriate.

A copy of the investigation report will be sent to the complainant and the respondent.

Sharing the report

Before sharing the report with the Complainant and Respondent, you may want to share the report with the relevant managers or supervisors. This will allow the team to gain a clear understanding of the recommendations from the report, and provide time for the team to develop a plan of how to put these recommendations in place.

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