Informal Resolution

The sample policy sets out three informal resolution processes. It’s wise to use caution when implementing an informal resolution for complaints. 

Information resolution should only be used in less severe complaints. Both the complainant and the accused must voluntarily agree to the informal process and show that they are entering into this agreement willingly. 

The three information resolution processes, as described in The sample policy are:

  • Facilitation – A facilitated discussion between the complainant and respondent by a qualified third-party. 
  • Notification – Notifying the respondent that the behaviour must stop. 
  • Education – Coaching, support, and educational opportunities for the Respondent and/or other members of the workplace. 

Items that should be provided to the respondent, under the sample policy, before the respondent agrees to the informal process:

  • A written notice of the complaint. At this time. the response will be informal.
  • A copy of the complaint.
  • Details of available supports. 

An informal process should not be entered into if the Respondent denies the allegations. 

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