Can my employer penalize me for reporting sexual harassment?

No.It is illegal to retaliate against someone for filing a sexual harassment complaint.This means that if you have brought your concerns forward, your employer cannot then penalize you in any way for doing so.

Your employer is not allowed to demote you, harass you further, terminate your employment, or engage in any other kind of behaviour aimed at punishing you for complaining about sexual harassment. The same is true for any co-worker who provides evidence or supports you in your sexual harassment complaint; this person also cannot be penalized.

Your employer has an obligation to take sexual harassment complaints seriously and respond in an appropriate manner. This may include talking to you and others who have information about what has happened. It may also mean taking immediate steps such as separating you from the person allegedly harassing you while an internal investigation takes place.

If you feel that your employer is retaliating against you for reporting sexual harassment, you can contact the Human Rights Commission to discuss options for filing a complaint.