The sample investigation report template has a section for recommendations that you may wish to suggest to help remedy the situation. This is not a requirement in the investigation report. Some employers prefer to receive just an investigation report, without recommendations. It’s up to the employer to determine how to address the findings in the investigation report. 

The sample policy states that discipline may include terminating employment depending on the severity of the conduct and how similar cases have been responded to. Things that may impact this decision include (but are not limited to):

  • How similar cases have been responded to;
  • Whether the respondent has been disciplined in the past for similar or other conduct; or
  • Whether or not the respondent seems remorseful. 

If you’re unsure of whether to discipline or not, or at what level, you should seek the advice from an employment lawyer.

The sample policy also sets out that, as a result of the investigation, education or training may be a remedy. This could be specific to the respondent in order to return to work or it could be mandatory for the entire workplace. 

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