Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bystander Training

Welcome to the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bystander Training. Each video in the training is focused on creating and maintaining great workplaces where everyone feels respected. The Bystander Training will only take about 30 minutes of your time to watch.

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On the right you can see all the lessons for this training. Each lesson consists of a video and a feedback questionnaire, which is critical to further developing our resources.

We value your time and welcome your feedback.  Thank you for helping to create great workplaces!

Employee Resources

Personal Directive Navigator Training

Please provide feedback on the video above before continuing, by clicking here and completing the questionnaire. Please close the new tab/window after completing the questionnaire.

Welcome to the Personal Directive Navigator Training Program.

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) created this program. It aims to train volunteers who want to help Nova Scotians make a Personal (healthcare) Directive using an online app.  

LISNS is a charitable non-profit organization trusted by Nova Scotians to provide free legal Information and help since 1982. Our mission is to empower Nova Scotians to identify, prevent and solve legal issues

All information collected in this orientation is stored according to LISNS’ privacy policy. By proceeding with this orientation, you are agreeing to do so at your own risk. 

Once you have completed the orientation, you will receive a certificate of completion.  You then have the option of signing up as a navigator and will be included on our LISNS Navigator database. We use an online matching program to connect Navigators with Nova Scotians who need help to create their personal directive. If you choose not to sign up with our online matching platform, you can still complete the orientation, but we won’t be able to connect you with people who need help. 

On the right you can see all of the lessons for this orientation. You may come back to the orientation at any time; the course always saves your progress. Each lesson is followed by a short survey which we ask that you complete.  Your feedback will help us provide Navigators with the best information possible.

Lawyer Referral Service Training

Welcome to the Sexual Harassment Lawyer Referral Service Training course. On the right you can see all the modules for this course. Each module consists of a presentation crafted and delivered by a subject matter expert for that subject matter.

After viewing each module, there is a short survey that is critical to further developing our resources and ensuring we provide our lawyers with the best available information. In addition we strongly encourage you to revisit this information often as it will remain here for your reference while you participate in this critical Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Project. Thank you for your time, expertise and attention.